October 19, 2013

FHTE Day 8: 'All's Well That Ends Well,' So Sayeth the Bard

The St Louis Cardinals won the National League Playoffs and are headed for the World Series and the From Here To Eternity The Musical is locked and headed for an onslaught of big time press reviewers at this afternoon's 2:30 matinee performance. In the World Series, the Cardinals will play either the Boston Red Sox or the Detroit Tigers in a few days. So that's on the back burner. But with the press in attendance today to review the play, the verdict — the verdict of a number of theatre reviewers anyway — in imminent and will hit the street in newspapers, radio and television much sooner. Tomorrow presumably. And I'm sure those reviews, at least many of them, will be posted on the internet quickly. Check them out, see the musical and make your own choice.
Producer and lyricist Tim Rice stopped by the post-performance gathering last night to congratulate Director Tamara Harvey and everybody for a good show.
"I think it was a smashing success," he said.
Without knowing what the reviewers will say and not being a theatre critic, except to know what I like and don't like, I'll go with Sir Tim's assessment, and the reaction of the audience at the each of the six performances I've attended this past week. In every one of them, the audience has responded highly favorably and seemed to enjoy and appreciate the show. 
As the bard said, "All's well that ends well." Words to live by.
I'm going back tonight to see how it goes. Sort of wish I'd planned to go this afternoon with the press there, but two shows are a bit much at this point. I may be back with the blog tomorrow, but I'm going to sign off with more words to live by, the words of Robert E. Lee Prewitt:

"I'll make my own choice,
"I'll find my own voice, 
"Then I'll do it right."

Until next time, there's still time to sign up for the Feb. 24-March 4 ACIS "Showtime" tour by Nov. 1 at http://www.acis.com/tripsite/?key=RFJjUDVxSFMzOHpYQnBPYWZaTT0%3D. It looks like the other show may be Billy Elliot The Musical, which I've always wanted to see and think would be quite appropriate. 

See you later from London,

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