October 14, 2013

FHTE Day 3: "A museum of the world, for the world"

Rather chilly and rainy here for the second day in a row, but I hardly noticed. Not much to do today so I went to the British Museum — after I caught up on my sleep. The museum is truly "a museum of the world, for the world," as it says in the map. I only spent a couple of hours there early this afternoon. By the time I got back to the hotel, it felt as though I'd been on a forced march. The From Here To Eternity cast did two shows Saturday. None on Sunday. With the way my legs felt today, I can imagine how the actor/soldiers must have felt after two shows doing all the dancing and marching they do. But they're young.
I'd been to the museum years ago with a group of students, my wife and Gaye "The Blade" Dunn, a teaching colleague, on an ACIS tour, the company I'm coming back with for the "Showtime" tour Feb. 24-March 4 to see the musical, two other shows and a host of other things. But we had an ACIS courier to show us around. That's the way I'd prefer. As it was I wandered aimlessly, looking at what I wanted and marveling at all the young students and teachers on field trips. I stopped at an exhibit of a man (I think) in a grave from antiquity with a group of students in their fourth year, about nine or 10 years old and spoke with one of their parents who was chaperoning. The children had worksheets to fill out, as other students throughout the museum did, while their teacher gave a brief lecture.The woman told me the students went to other museums throughout London on similar field trips during the year.
"It's one of the benefits about living in London," she said. 
I don't know about living in London. But it's a great city to visit with so many things to see and do. And attending the preview of the From Here To Eternity musical is what I came to see. So
I'm going to cut this short, get some rest and head back to the Shaftesbury Theatre to see tonight's rendering of what looks like a great musical.

See you tomorrow from London,

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